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There’s a lot to hit in this post, so buckle up. Ready? Here we gooooooo!

This week, HOUSE OF PAYNE: LOKI is on sale for only $1.99! *throws confetti* Alice and Loki are one of my favorite couples in the HoP series, so please feel free to spread the word far and wide that LOKI is just one little clicky away for only a $1.99. With over a hundred 5-star ratings for LOKI on Goodreads, let’s see what readers are saying about it:

“MAN, I love the people who associate with the House of Payne. They’re decisive, passionate (seriously, some of them will fight about ANYTHING), and they know what they want as soon as they lay eyes on it. It might be a bumpy ride before they can get what they want, but OH they know it.” ~ Kelly Roubidoux, Reading the Paranormal, Amazon Vine Voice, 5 stars

“The flashfire attraction, the slow burn for ignition, the build-up of emotions, it all cumulated in a way that was perfect for Loki and Alice, with them being the highlight and centre of each other’s universe!” ~ Darlene Good, DarGeeReads, 5 stars

“Loki is a member of a powerful MC but he spends his days and nights slinging ink for HOP. Alice is a foster kid and was placed with the rich family from Chicago, when their worlds collide sparks fly. I’m amazed by this author’s ability to create unique storylines on the 10th book of the series. This is an all consuming book with witty banter and drama. I can’t wait to see what this author has in store for us next!!” Ashley Carr, Little Shop of Readers, 5 stars

“Loki is a tattoo artist working with the House of Payne and he is part of the Grave Diggers MC. Alice is pissed at Loki due to the fact that she’s being evicted and her life is being turned upside down. She literally knocks Loki on his butt when they first meet. Loki never had a chance of resisting Alice. These two were steamy hot and electrifying together. Another great read in this series.” ~ Pamela, Dreamer’s Books, 4 stars

And to make sure I’ve got your attention, I’m doing a giveaway to kick off this awesome price drop! What’s the prize? An ecopy of HOUSE OF PAYNE: LOKI (or a $5 GC if you’ve already read it), ANNNNND…

A HOUSE OF PAYNE mug, designed by yours truly! Ta-da!

Look! A mug!

Aside from writing PARTY GIRL (Releasing late autumn/early winter) I’ve been working on designs for a line of merch—yay! While I’m starting with designs centered around the HoP series, I will have more designs available in the future to cover the Brody Brothers, as well as the upcoming Men of PSI series, and the Gravediggers MC series.

You know, because I have so much time on my hands. *eyeroll*

All right, that’s it for now. 🙂 Good luck on the Rafflecopter giveaway, lovelies!

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BRUISED, the 3rd book in the Brody Brothers series, is LIVE!

Happy book birthday to Killian and Dallas, two of my all-time favorite characters!

To celebrate, I’m doing a little giveaway this Memorial Weekend–three $10 Amazon Gift Cards–so make sure to look at the entry at the bottom of this post. Winners will be randomly chosen by Rafflecopter. Good luck! 🙂


“You’re coming with me.”

When Killian Brody showed up at Dallas Faircloth’s work with news that her half-brother might die without her help, she never expected the oldest and sexiest Brody to freaking kidnap her to seal the deal on her cooperation. 

The scandalous affair between Dallas’s mother and Killian’s father made everything inside Dallas revolt at the Brody name. It was because of a Brody that her world had been left in ruins at the age of eight, and she’d had to rebuild all on her own. She hated the Brodys. Which was too bad, really. Killian Brody was take-charge, arrogant and so damn sexy she would have climbed that rugged cowboy like a tree if it weren’t for that last name of his. 

Her mother had proven that the men in the Brody family were as dangerously addictive as any drug, and Dallas didn’t want to get hooked. But when Killian turns his sights on her and makes her believe she’s the one he can’t live without, she has a choice—play it safe, or dive in headfirst and risk falling in love with a Brody man.

85,000 words

***This standalone contemporary romance contains multiple sex scenes. Also contains an Alpha with serious impulse issues, a spicy heroine, a felonious kidnapping that may or may not count, and one teeny little spanking. No cheating, no love triangles, no cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed. Due to adult language and sexual content, this book is not intended for people under the age of eighteen***

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