MEN OF PSI: LUKE, The Profiler, is LIVE!!!

Happy book birthday to my latest project, MEN OF PSI: LUKE! *throws confetti* 

Not gonna lie, it took a while to get to Luke’s story. I went back to see when he first popped up, and it was waaaaaay back in 2016, in HOUSE OF PAYNE: STEELE. Can you believe it??? It took that long to build the perfect counterpart to Luke, but the wait was worth it. Luke’s ultimate, Loki-inspired match, Eden Steadfast, is one of my all-time favorite characters. Thankfully, the reviewers seem to agree!

Dar from DarGeeReads writes:
“Wow, just, well that was ‘edge of your seat’ and “I can’t believe that just happened’ awesomeness! More than just suspense, more than just a psychological mind-warp, this had all that, and easily woven into it all, a love story.” — 5 stars


AnnMarie, Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
“Romantic suspense is my favorite genre for a reason and man was this story a fantastic thrill ride! Rarely does a book flat out shock me but this one sure did. Luke and Eden were out of this world together but it wasn’t an easy fall for either of them. The brains on these two characters were mensa level and the verbal sparing was utterly fascinating. Throw in a stalker and some alpha goodness and this read was unputdownable!” — 5 stars

Bookerina Lovington, Goodreads reviewer:
“This was so so good!

The story completely sucked me in, and the main characters had me rooting for their HEA. The writing was fun to read, and the secondary characters and ending had me excited for the potential for more stories to come.” — 5 stars

I’m so thrilled with how this first book in the PSI series turned out, and I cannot wait for you to see how Luke’s long-awaited story winds up. I hope you like it! *crosses fingers*






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